This project has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Land Workshop Saxony 2011

Land Workshop Saxony

The international youth exchange project Land Workshop Saxony brought together 36 young people, interested in culture and art, in the Saxon village Großkagen.

The project focused on the creative and traditional work in- and with the nature. In addition to this, workshops with themes such as felting, land-art, wood-carving, building pyramides, and creating henna-tattoos, were carried out.

Furthermore, art and culture as instruments in regional development were discussed. The participants went on study-trips in the area and learned more about each other on cultural nights.

Project venue: Großkagen, Germany

Project period: 22.05- 30.05.2011

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Germany

This project was funded by the EU-programme YOUTH IN ACTION.

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