Resources & commissional work


  • realization of projects in Dresden, Germany and all over Europe
  • support of young people and initiatives with the realization of their projects  by means of professional project management
  • supply of resources for all steps of project development and realization (staff, rooms, technique)
  • partial as well as complete service for events and projects
  • layout-, sentence-, and print service, PR
  • support in the application- and working process of the European volunteers
  • art-& culture activities for the development of a branding for the city of Dresden


  • counselling and implementation of applications for project support
  • project management for the implementation of projects in sociocultural, cultural and inter cultural areas
  • well organized office team and media creators
  • efficient, multi professional office community
  • network with associations, institutions and companies
  • global pool of office- and event technique (see material pool)
  • vehicles, supporters, tents, large scale catering equipment, heavy current cables, radio set etc. (see material pool)

Principals of work

  • based on partnership
  • flexible
  • solution-oriented
  • transparent
  • innovative
  • effective
  • creative
  • reliable
  • keep an overview