European Voluntary Service abroad

Are you looking for a possibility to go abroad? Possibly without having to shoulder big expenses? And for a longer period of time than a week?

You want to collect experiences in another country and learn about another culture? Or maybe you want to apply and/or extend your linguistic knowledge?

Then the European Voluntary Service (EVS) is for you!

With the EVS you get to work for a not-for-profit organisation and live abroad. You get to know a foreign country, culture and meet new people. Additionally the EVS can give you a personal as well as a professional orientation.

In other words: You collect experiences, which you will probably never forget again. Are you interested? Then contact us.

What is offered in an EVS?

With the EVS you can go abroad for free - funded by the EU-programme YOUTH IN ACTION.

  • You can do an EVS anywhere in Europe.
  • The duration of an EVS is between two months and one year.
  • You can work in an organisation like ours or in a youth club, a national park or a refugees project, a circus school etc. etc.
  • EVS projects are possible in any social, ecological and cultural area
  • Your travel expenses are refunded up to 90%, additionally you get pocket money, free food and accommodation as well as a ticket for the public transport.
  • You work between 30 and 37,5 hours per week
  • You get two days off per month!
  • You receive a language course!
  • Of course you are insured during your whole EVS time.
  • You will be instructed in your work, and be given support during your stay.
  • Your parents receive the children's allowance as usual.
  • If you require special support, this is also guaranteed.

In the end of your stay you will receive a Youthpass that certifies where you were, and what you have learned during your stay there.