The Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. organises exchange projects for young people in Europe and thereby brings active adolescents in contact with experienced pedagogues and professional artists. These projects especially focuses on the involvement with arts, nature and ecology as well as on the handling with modern media.

Working with many different artistic forms of expression helps young people to develop their identity and self-confidence, it fosters their creativity and team skills.

Various forms of presentation such as dance, acrobatics and acting enable the participants of the projects to train their body control and to improve their ability to physically express themselves. Moreover the young people are inspired to discuss ecological issues. In workshops they can exercise to handle nature and environment responsibly and sustainibly.

Because of the multicultural composition of the groups, the acceptance of other cultures is increased and the ability of intercultural communication is fostered. The participants reduce prejudices, exchange knowledge about their home countries and learn how to deal with challenges together in a constructive way.