Democratic Ownership and Civic Participation in Europe

DOCPIE project focuses on the low public interest on EU politics and democratic procedures by addressing the separate elements necessary for democratic participation: more education on EU, enhancement of active citizenship, nurture of the notion of European identity and creation of inclusive and cooperative societies.

In an effort to research the reasons of election abstention and lack of interest for European politics, DOCPIE investigates the perceived role of European citizenship and European identity in the lives of groups with different backgrounds. Varying from students to senior citizens, the participants are invited to exchange their views and express their dreams and hopes for the future of Europe. Most importantly, they are invited to feel ownership for shaping of Europe's future.

The proposed project brings together 15 organizations from 13 member States in 5 events, and aims to:

  • Research the current trends and views on EU and its future in diverse target groups, including students and senior citizens
  • Develop guidelines for the creation of ownership of EU identity and citizenship among various target-groups
  • Raise awareness on active citizenship and volunteering
  • Create bridges of cooperation between the participating towns in order to enhance the idea of a common European identity and integration, while remembering our common past

Within the framework of the DOCPIE project, Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. organizes NEXT STEP - a Fair for Voluntary work, Traineeship and Internships in Germany and abroad

Internationale Partner:

  • Drustvo za razvoj podezelja LAZ (Association for rural development LAZ) - Slovenia
  • Asociatia Sportiva Culturala si Turistica - ASCT Turia (Sport and Tourism Association) - Romania
  • Kistarcsa Város Önkormányzata (Municipality of Kistarcsa) - Hungary
  • Madarsko Kulturno Drustvo Arany Janos (The Hungarian Cultural Society Arany Janos) - Croatia
  • Gmina Radomysl nad Sanem (Municipality Radomysl nad Sanem) - Poland
  • Inštitúcia regionálnych aktivít Novohradu (Institution of regional activities Novohradu) - Slovakia
  • Opstinska uprava Backa Topola (Munuicipality of Backa Topola) - Serbia
  • Omilos Unesco Serron Ellados (Club Serres for Unesco) - Greece
  • Dimos Serron (Municipality of Serres) - Greece
  • Veliko Turnovo Municipality, BulgariaBulgaria
  • Comune di Verona (Municipality of Verona) - Italy
  • CRDLSAlbania (Center for regional and local development studies) - Albania
  • Association Civil Centre for Sustainable Development EGRI - FYROM
  • Budapesti muszaki es gazdasagtudomanyi egyetem (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) - Hungary



EVS Experience in JKPeV

Documentary about the meeting and the fair