Remembering the Past - Building the Future

After seven decades since the end of WWII and the bombing of Dresden in 1945, Remembering the Past - Building the Future seeks to reflect on the aftermath of WWII and on the causes that led to totalitarian regimes such as Nazism, Fascism, Stalinism and further totalitarian communist states. In addition, the project aspires to commemorate the victims of crimes committed during WWII, the Holocaust and totalitarian regimes by visiting commemorative places and monuments.

The project lays emphasis on the present crisis over the identity of the EU and the rise of new nationalist movements all over Europe which question the values and principles of the EU; respect for the otherness, acceptance, cultural diversity and understanding are being trampled and consequently have caused instability in Europe.

Since the most important basis when creating a common European awareness is dealing with the past, the question if a common historical memory is possible will be the main focus of the project and will be dealt through intercultural dialogue, oral history, art activities and sociological research.

The project aims to initiate a new process of investigating national history and European history in a broader perspective by using art and intercultural dialogue as a means to learn about the past and connect it to the present situation. This will be achieved by reviewing the images of history through documentary projections and photo exhibitions titled ‘Life Portraits’ and through visual arts exhibitions titled ‘Memory Boxes’ connected to personal experiences regarding the aftermath of WWII and totalitarian regimes. Theatre and music performances will accompany discussions on national memories of historical events and on finding common references for a coherent, international culture of memory.

The main aim of the project is to achieve a mutual cultural understanding and to promote EU values such as democracy, equality, peace, unity, understanding and cultural diversity.

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This project is organised in cooperation with IG 13. Februar e.V. and is funded by the European programme Europe for Citizens.

Remembering the Past - Building the Future TV Spot Thessaloniki

Dokumentary Remembering the Past - Building the Future Event Thessaloniki

Documentary Remembering the Past - Building the Future Event Poland 2016

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