Spread The Word

Disseminating the results of youth work and the Erasmus+ projects and proving that there is need to implement such youth and community projects as it is beneficial for the society, the young people and other stakeholders, is equally important for all actors. The importance of effective visibility and dissemination and exploitation of project results is highlighted also in the Erasmus+/Youth in Action programme, where having a good DEOR (Dissemination & Exploitation of results) plan and activities is fundamental to have a multiplier effect on the target groups you have set and ensure
the sustainability of your project.
Disseminating and exploiting the results of your projects in a meaningful way is important not only for the funders, but also for your target groups and the local environment to join your activities, support your aims, learn from examples and appreciate the work of your organisation. The most essential project results are the learning outcomes that you share among the participants, the participating organisations and the local communities of the participating organisations.
Identifying, documenting and communicating these results can sometimes be a challenging task – but it is possible with a strategic plan and a pinch of creativity. Increasing the visibility of the Erasmus+ youth projects and their impact contributes to the recognition of non-formal learning in international youth work and allows your work to be seen and appreciated by the people and groups most important for you. The objective is to explore the concepts and benefits of working on the visibility & dissemination of European youth and community projects by means of a well elaborated communication strategy and to build a strong international network of youth organisations that work with Erasmus+ projects.

Durch die Teilnahme an Spread the Word erhalten JugendarberiterInnen und jungen Menschen aus dem Bereich der Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NRO) wertvollen Tipps für einen effektive Außendarstellung ihrer Aktivitäten.

Zusätzlich wird Spread the Word den TeilnehmerInnen die Möglichkeit geben ihr internationales Netzwerk zu stärken.

Während des Trainingskurses werden die TeilnehmerInnen von ausgebildeten Trainern angeleitet:

  • Dimitria Zervaki (Griechenland)
  • Myrto Helena Pertsinidi (Deutschland, Griechenland)

Projektort: Dresden

Projektzeitraum: 09.10. - 16.10.2017

Beteiligt sind Partner aus: Bulgarien, Dänemark, Griechenland, Großbritannien, Italien, Lettland, Portugal, Rumänien, Spanien, Ungarn, Zypern & Deutschland

Das Projekt wird gefördert durch das europäische Programm ERASMUS+.