Youth Networking


JKPeV invites new and already existing partners to the contact making event YouthNetWorking from 6 to 13 September 2016 in Dresden.
The purpose is to reflect on the future of the young and young adult generations in countries affected by the European economic crisis by taking into consideration the current unemployment rates, the migration flows, the increasing social inequality as well as the raise of xenophobia, racism, social exclusion and social inequality.
30 youth workers, trainers, NGO managers, facilitators and project managers seek to discuss the possibilities of collaborating on a strategic partnership which focuses on the role of youth work in young people's personal education and in consolidating their identity within society by encouraging them to be active citizens.
The participants aspire to share experiences, knowledge and best practices with all the representatives of the partners. Together they will plan and design a strategic partnership through this contact making event which will help all partners to get to know each other, identify the needs of young people nowadays and discuss the ways they can contribute to the recognition, promotion and accessibility of youth work and non-formal learning tools.

Dieses Projekt wird gefördert durch das Erasmus+ Programm der Europäschen Union.